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I am very sad to say that on Dec 30th 2014, my beloved partner/husband Beau unexpectantly died in his sleep, from health issues associated with his struggle with alcoholism.

Beau adored his borgi dogs, and for that matter all animals big and small.  He will be so missed by me, and all that knew him. I will be not having any more pups, as this was a dedication that Beau and I loved to do together. Paris has been spayed and remains my faithful companion.   

"Paris has retired"

I am changing the focus of this website to be a forum for all borgi lovers to talk.  If you have a litter that meets the requirements of a borgi dog, send me an email with photos and prices and I'll post your litter for you- if I agree that your litter is a good borgi cross.

Click "photo" to send an email

Country life, smart borgi dogs


Borgi Dog "Ruby"

It is a cross between a Border Collie (Adds intelligence and a couple a new colors and coat types) and a Pembroke Corgi (Adds small size, short and sturdy body). They have extreme intelligence, most of them are small, love people, love adventure, and for the most part are very clean and obedient. Great house dogs. Great traveling dogs. Good dogs with kids.

Can be obsessive ball players.  Usually love water.  Love to interact with people.

 What are the colors and How big are they?

Colors vary. Most common colors are the Corgi colors of Sable, red and white, tri-colored, and brindle. Many of them have a black and white color pattern common to the Border Collie.

Some are party colored or blonde and white- color patterns of the Border Collie.

Coat types vary from a silky Border coat to a heavier Corgi coat. The coat is clean.

The heavier coats "blow their coat" twice a year, which is controlled by brushing them.

Females usually 18 to 35 lbs / Males usually 20 to 35 lbs.  Most borgies are taller than a Corgi and smaller than a Border Collie.  Most have the corgi shorter legs and longer body. A few pups are slightly taller legged, favoring the Border Collie with taller legs, they are still small dogs, and highly intelligent.

The ears can be up or down or 3/4's up.


Are they recognized by AKC?

At the present time they are not a registered breed. However, they have been in exsistence for a very long time because both the Corgi and the Border Collie are ranch stock workingdogs- and a popular and predictable combination.  Currently, they fall under the "designer" group of dogs. I would add that ALL dogs were "mutts" until, dedicated breeders decided that a breed had traits worth repeating and breeding for.  All dogs originated from the wolf; all breeds started out as not registered.  A Borgi is neither a corgi or a border collie.  It is a great blend of both.



I wanted to send you photos of Woodrow, he's a great dog!  Post them if you'd like, I just can't get enough of this dog.  He's been my baby!!!  Thank you so much, I look forward to the next time I get a pup from you... for now I have to hold myself back! LOL  I drive by your place all the time, I'd love to bring Woodrow by one day so you can see him.  Let me know if you'd like me to stop in some time!
Take Care,
Hi Sharon:  We named him Bodie for Bodie Ca. a famous western town located on the Eastern side of the Sierras.  I'm trying to find your website again can you give it to me again.  Bodie is fitting right in he already uses the dog door and goes out in the yard to pottie, he sleeps through the night we have a large dog cage/crate for him for him at night.  These are really smart dogs honestly I've never seen anything like this I thing he's smarter than 3/4 of the town of XXXX LOL... really I'm not kidding.
Anyway thank you so much he's such a joyful addition to our family.
Thank you for choosing us

He is such a great pup. He already sits on command, and we are well on our way with down. He is such a love, he likes to cuddle, (after a good romp with our corgi boy Kirby) and he gives such sweet kisses. He learned the doggie door in 1 day and is now flying in and out with gay abandon. I almost hate to say this, but he is already semi potty trained. He has only had one accident, (my fault) when I had him in the office with me and the door was shut so I could keep an eye on him. Otherwise, he always goes outside on the lawn. Him and Kirby play great together, and our female Roxy is doing very well with him. She is starting to play with the boys. I can't tell you how much we enjoy and love him already. He will just sit and watch our face and try to figure out what we are saying to him. Oh, and he is starting to speak on command as well. I just wanted you to know what a great pup he is and how we are so happy we decided to take the leap and add the 3rd dog in our life. Thank you, Marla

I was going to write to you, both with some questions, and also to let you know we are so happy and the little "Coope" is settling in just fine. I LOVE HIM! We all do! The name decision was so difficult for some reason-- but when I was out for a run yesterday morning, I saw a "mini-cooper" car and I thought: that looks just like our pup: an adorable little car that thinks it is a big car.- Katie

Hi Sharon,

Just a quick note to let you know everything is going okay. The baby has been named...Easter Lilly.........Lilly for short! She has adjusted well to our home. Cassidy is still a little jealous, but things are calming down. They run and play all day ( and chew on each other) like they were made for one another.Lilly has mastered the doggie door (only took her 1 day) and flies through it with one leap like nothing is even there! She has so many characteristics of our old Corgi... sometimes brings a tear to Richards eye. I believe it was meant to be for us to have this little girl!

Thanks again. Will be in touch!


Dear Sharon,

I kept saying I will write you and time just gets away from me.  We were away this weekend so I just got your note.  Thank you for thinking of us too!

But her you go on some pictures.  Abby is  a wonderful addition to our family.  She is such a beautiful dog in so many ways.  Everyone in our family loves her and she gives so much to Bella (our Golden), they have become such close friends.  Usually they sleep together if Abby isn't at the foot of our bed.  She splits her time with Bella and us and the kids as far as sleeping. 
Abby has also already gone on some camping trips with us and everyone just loves her to pieces.  She is well adjusted with good habits.  She has taught Bella to be a better retriever (of which Bella was not before Abby lived here)  They even have a game they love to play where they are a team.  We through the ball to the top of our club house.  Bella runs up there and drops the ball down the slide.  Abby is patiently waiting at the bottom and catches the ball in the air, then brings it back to us to do all over again.  The only problem is they can do this hours and hours.  Abby gets the bigger workout so I'm not sure who this game is for but they really enjoy it together.
Hi Sharon and Beau:
Well, Molly is celebrating her Ist birthday today!!! She has really become a wonderful addition to our family. She has become good friends with our 10 year old lab Tyra. We go on walks down in the baranca twice a day and she loves to chase lizards and rabbits of course. She likes to play and retrieve balls and all her toys. Chew toys and bones are her favorite.She also likes to play chase around the yard. I make a noise and she is off running around and around...She still has an independent disposition compared to our lab.
I just weighed her and she is 37 pounds and 37 inches long from nose to tail.
Please check out the pictutes and let us know what you think.
Molly says hi and welcome to her new brothers and sisters and her parents too.
Hope all is well.....sounds like you've got your hands full with nine new pups.
Patrick and Pauline
Hi Sharon,
Oh she is so much prettier in person too...the photos do not do her justice.  Everywhere we go people say she's a very beautiful dog and most people actually confuse her for a Mini Aussie.  She is about 14".  Perfect size. 
Now onto her personality.  The first thing I would say is she is incredibly smart.  She knows when she's a bad girl, she knows what we are saying and she learns very quickly.  She is a bundle of energy.  She loves her rope toy and would play tug-of-war all day if we let her.  She is stubborn and persistent but very friendly and social.  She loves people and greets everyone she meets with a jump.  She gives kisses and hugs (she nestles her head just under your jawline and sits there for a little while).  She LOVES going on drives.  She puts her head out the window or stands on the middle console and smiles ahead.  She loves the beach and walking.  She is not that pup we saw the first day who did not want to come out of hiding.  She is a total family dog now. 
She is an absolute joy to us and like our second child.  We just want you to know that she is thriving and we feel so blessed to have her in our family.  We often talk about how we should have gotten the boy that day too so that she could have a playmate.  Have you seen any pictures of him recently?  Did he get adopted the next day?  I hope he has a loving family too.  That was a very hard choice for us as you can probably remember. 
Anyway, keep sending us pics of the new litter.  Have any been reserved yet?
name withheld

 Things are going great.  Tess and Lilly have become fast friends.  They wrestle and play all the time.  Tess has started training.  She is doing really well.  We are so pleased with her.  She often reminds us of Panda, especially when we go for ice from the icemaker.  Tess is right there, she loves ice cubes..  I will try to send you a picture of her shortly,  she has grown.  And is almost (if not just a smige) as tall as Lilly.  She is fully crate trained and fully housebroke (only took one day).  Hope all is well with you and your family.  Thank you again for such a precious dog.  Mary


**New to my website!

I've been proud to say through this website I have discovered that their are many dedicated borgi owners across the USA.  And, many of them have beautiful dogs and contact me because they want another one.  So, that being said...

I'd like to feature a member's borgi of outstanding quality and achievement, this is not one of my pups... but, as you can tell she is a "gem", and represents a borgi in every way! - Sharon

"MEET my borgi Ruby- she originated from CA. (Sharon)Your Borgi's sound like what I like "high drive" and fun personality! Ruby and I have been to the NADAC championships 3 times and have made it to the finals twice and placed in the top 3. I'm pretty proud of her! I would definitely like to be put on the list for a female if you would consider me. Thank you so much for your time and I did attach a picture of Ruby."
2014 litter- sold


To those of you that own a borgi  feel free to share a photo and story of your dog on the "member page".  This is free.


Buyers can post their request to me, and I'll keep a list.  When a litter shows up, I'll send out an email to the people on the borgi puppy list.


Puppy prices will range from $300 to $1400 depending on the quality of the litter.


- $1400 top male/female

- $1200 second top female

- $1000  male/female

- $800 - $300 

My pledge to you is time permitting, I will attempt to honor the borgi breed by hosting this website.


Thanks for visiting my website-                          send me an email   


Remember, Puppies can be *shipped upon arrangement. Cost for shipping (est. $250-$450) varies depending upon location and health certificate, and cost of crate.  You can get an idea of the cost by using goggle "live freight from "Sacramento" or to xxxx (closest airport to you). United Airlines or Alaska is a good choice.

A $100 Deposit is required to hold any puppy. Do not send money unless we have talked via email and have a litter or pup in mind for you.

**Good borgi dogs are hard to find...my borgi dogs are 3rd generation, we are looking for people who love borgi dogs! 

Basically, and hopefully, everyone is happy, see comments from happy buyers.

I do consider issues of "how good of a home is the buyer providing" (I must say, Most if not all, Borgi people have great homes by the nature of their dedication to the breed) and love of dogs.

Things to keep in mind:

1) sex of pup

2) size of pup - will be corgi size or 1/2 the size of a border collie, most of Paris pups are 25-33 lbs

3) coat type - will be border collie type, or slightly more hair like a corgi.

4) ears of pup - vary, but, if the parents ears are up, most likely the pup's ears will be up.

5) temperament of pup (hard to tell at birth:)

The ears of the puppies vary, some stand up, like the Corgi, some are down or 3/4's up like the Border Collie. When the ears go up varies, a good guess is by 2 months they should be starting to go up if not up already. The heavier the ear, the less likely it will go all the way up. Good nutrition is important.

REST is also very important for your puppy; do not overly tire your pup.  Nap time is important (the puppy doesn't know this)

DO NOT over exercise your puppy when it is small (age 2months to 8months).  It's too hard on their legs.

Adult Dogs

Shawnu (the border collie) and Paris (Borgi, front runner -'Shawnu/Bullet' parents) and Levi (Borgi following the girls- 'Razzle/Bogart' parents) ... Feb. 2012 


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