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After a nice conversation with a new site member, I realized that we needed a page to remember our past dogs, because, as most of us know, it is very, very, tough to lose a friend.  It's good to be able to share and keep those memories alive.

The Borgi breed is relatively new, but, it has surprised me how many people are aware of them and have owned one that has departed and are searching the web for a replacement, after of course some respectable time has passed. Once a Borgi owner, hard to want anything else.  That being said, this page is dedicated to our departed pets.  (members can post a photo of their pet on the join a member page, and I will transfer your comment and photo to this page as I update this website)

And, it is also dedicated to all dogs, as there can be no other opinion than that of: "a dog is a human's "Best Friend"



This page is dedicated to "Luke"  His owner Heather says . . . "He was only two years old. He left such an impression in our lives and we miss him every day. I know we'll never be able to replace him, but my heart melted when I saw that Borgi puppy."


Anyone may add their  loving memories of  a past pet to this page, if they so desire.  *You will need to become a member (this is free) and upload your pet's photo and anything you would like to say about your memory of your dog on the member page.   

**Your dog does not have to be a Borgi.  All dogs are wonderful.

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