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The first few days!  Well, it's cute... but, now what?  I'm not going to write down everything- but, here are some basics: 

1.  Get ready - Before you bring your bundle of joy home.  That's the best way.  Buy ahead of time the puppy food, the puppy pee papers, the crate (if it is going to sleep in a crate) and I might say when you are not home it is a good idea to have a safe place to put your puppy so it doesn't get into trouble.  Also, make sure the kids do not put the puppy on the bed or couch or? where it will fall off and seriously might hurt itself.  And, (you do have to tell them) warn the kids, Do not step on the little pup! On the ride home, remember most puppies get car sick (bring some papertowels).

2. Try, at least for the first few days, to feed exactly what the puppy is used to eating and at the same times.  You usually will be given samples of the dry puppy food and a schedule to feed your puppy.  Make sure you know when it's next worming and shots are due so you can take your pup to the vet.  It is very important to keep up its puppy shots!

3. Remember - Quiet Time!  Your little puppy is just a baby.  It needs to sleep, rest quite a bit for the first few weeks.  It might not know that.  But, it does.  You should limit play time.  Keep to a schedule of feeding and playing and sleeping.

4. Limit exposure to new friends, neighbors, your pets (one at a time please).  Don't allow people to hold your puppy.  You would be surprised how many people drop puppies.  Not, to mention, you must be careful of puppy germs.  (even though your pup will have at least 1 if not 2 puppy shots...immunity is a case by case issue)

5. Beware of the older animals attacking the new puppy (they might very well not like the new little ball of energy).

6. Last, Borgies are VERY SMART, even as tiny pups.  DO NOT yell at your little puppy.  It will hide.  They "get it".  Just tell them in a normal voice... "Go outside" or, "No barking", or, it is even better to praise the puppy for good behavior and ignore the mistakes.  Take them to the same place to pee outside and talk to them... "Good Dog".


HAPPY Adventures, but, please remember...

Your puppy is guaranteed to explore everything.  Might take a swim in your pool too... and, if you are not watching might drown.  Be sure to keep your puppy away from dangers.  Poison plants. Poison foods. Fire.  They are pretty trusting and just don't know about everything.  Make sure they have their own toys.  They love riding in the car and going for walks.

Keep in mind their safety.  Dogs can step on the window buttons and down comes the window... I'm not saying they know how to do this, I am saying "it does happen".    Aside from that, Happy Adventures.  Borgies make great companions!

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